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Posted: 1 year ago / Oct 02, 2020



As a Gold Digger you search for gold veins and shovel the gold enriched dirt into a bucket.

To use the Goldwasher you first must put in rubber mats into the machine and turn on the water using the lever. Now the gold dirt gets dissolved and gold particle get stuck in the rubber mats. Remove the rubber mats from the machine by pressing USE on them and extract the gold nuggets from them by pressing USE again. Jars with gold nuggets can be sold using the Lanterns. (Dont ask why)



Used to search gold veins and shovel dirt in to buckets.



Used to collect dirt.


Gold Washer:

The Gold washer is used to dissolve dirt and extract gold nuggets from it.

It needs rubber mats in order to catch gold nuggets.
Can be upgraded to Increase Workspeed, Add Extension, Increase Dirt Capactiy, Add Armor
Depending on the config it spawns with a hose which needs to be submerged in to water first.


Rubber Mat:

Catches gold nuggets from dissolved dirt.

Once the Rubber mat has gold nuggets, press USE to collected the gold from it.


VIP Bucket:

Same as the normal bucket but follows the player when activated via USE.


Deflated Lantern:

Is used to sell jars with gold nuggets.

It can hold up to 3 jars

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