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Posted: 1 year ago / May 31, 2020
Edited: 1 year ago / Jun 01, 2020

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Hello! In this guide I will be teaching you how to use the Meth Cook job, step by step!


Equipment you will need:

x1 Combiner

x1 Freezer

x1 Gas filter (Optional)

Step 1: Add Methylamin x3 to combiner (Hole in the top) and wait for processing.

Step 2: Add Aluminium x3 to combiner.

Step 3: Attach gas filter to top hole (optional, prevents you losing HP from gas).

Step 4: Wait for methsludge to be done.

Step 5: Take trays from freezer (Press E on freezer) and put under taps on the side of combiner, wait for them to fill.

Step 6: Put trays of methsludge in freezer, wait until blue light goes off for them to be done.

Step 7: Press E x3 on the trays to break them into meth bags.

Step 8: Fill transport crate with meth bags.

Step 9: Go to a meth buyer, he will set a waypoint to dropoff/sell your meth. Get there before the time runs out!

Step 10: Sell your meth!

Step 11: Clean the combiner and repeat.


Extra notes: You get more meth if you have a gas filter installed. The gas filter will break after a while and you may want to buy a new one.

-TG DarkRP Head Admin


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