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Posted: 1 year ago / Jul 13, 2020



When purchasing a custom job you agree to the rules specified below.



  • Your job, by default will spawn with 2 Primary weapons of your choice, 2 Tools of your choice, 1 Secondary weapon, and your choice of a sticky grenade or a frag grenade.
  • You will be able to print, mug, kidnap and raid whilst playing as your job.


  • Your custom job will follow the job rules of a thief.
  • You must still follow all in-game rules when playing your custom job.


  • We no longer allow custom playermodels, Your playermodel must be chosen from HERE.
  • Your custom job's name must not be offensive.
  • You can have multiple player models.
  • You cannot choose any models that represent law enforcement.
  • The model you choose must be at least bigger than a 1x1 plate in height.
  • When posting your Custom Job app, if your model gets denied you will be set to the default thief model but your job will still be added. You can then request for your model to be changed to something more appropriate by creating another post.
  • If you go inactive on the server, your custom class will be removed from the server. You must be active for one week to have your class re-implemented on the server.
  • Breaking any of the above rules will get you temporarily blacklisted from using Wardrobe and changing your player-model. If you continue to break these rules afterwards you will be permanently blacklisted. 


  • Your custom job can be changed at any time for a price of $10 (This price is not added on when purchasing additions).
  • Custom job additions must be paid under the "Custom Donation" option on the donation store.
  • You can view additions and pricing here.
  • After purchasing your Custom Job you need to complete the Custom Job layout and post it. The template is found here.

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