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Posted: 1 year ago / Jul 13, 2020

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Equipment you will need (Basic User):

Get these from the Tablet you own.

  • x1 Generator
  • x1 Powerstrip
  • x1 Fan
  • x1 Sodium Lamp
  • x1 Water tank
  • x1 Packing table
  • x1 Drying rack
  • However many Flowerpots you wish

Step 1: Using the Cable SWEP, attach the generator to the powerstrip and attach the powerstrip to the sodium lamp and fan.

Step 2: Position the flowerpot(s) so that the fan and sodium lamp are pointing at it/them.

Step 3: Start the generator by pressing E on the switch located on the side of the generator. It will take a few attempts to turn on.

  • Note: You will have to turn the fan and lamp on too. Your generator runs on fuel and fuel must be replenished.
  • Your generator may also need repairs. When it asks for repairs, press E on it to repair it.

Step 4: Buy soil with your tablet as well as a weed seed of your choice and add them to the flowerpot.

  • When you add the seed, this will start the growing process. You must maintain the water level in the middle area that is shown on the pot with your watering can, and keep an eye on the other stats listed on the pot.
  • You may also add different fertilisers to help with growth. Your tablet will show you which does what.
  • Unless using a fertiliser that has 100% plague resistance, occasionally your weed may become infested with pests. When this happens, quickly press E on your weed to kill off the pests.

Step 5: Once your weed has finished growing, press E on it to harvest. This will drop weed buds which must be placed on the drying rack.

Step 6: Once your weed has finished drying (a jar will appear on the ground with your weed), place the jar on your packing table.

Step 7: Repeat this process until you have 4 jars. Once 4 jars are on the packing table you may pack the weed into a block and pick the block up with E to be sold at the weed buyer NPCs.


Equipment you will need (VIP User):

  • x1 Generator
  • x1 LED lamp
  • x1 Water tank
  • However many Hydropots you wish

Step 1: Connect the generator to the LED lamp and place the lamp so it's pointing at the hydropot.

Step 2: Connect the watertank to the hydropot using the Cable SWEP

Step 3: Add soil and a weed seed of your choice to the hydropot.

  • The process from here is the same as a basic user.



  • The packing process can be automated if you buy an autopacker
  • If you buy a Seedbank and a Seed lab, you can splice weed together by placing 2 jars in the lab and pressing "splice". This will create a new seed which can be used or stored in the Seedbank
  • You can buy bongs etc. from the weed buyer.

-TG DarkRP Head Admin


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