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Posted: 4 months ago / Aug 03, 2020
Edited: 4 months ago / Aug 03, 2020



IGN (In-Game name): Blank

Your SteamID?: STEAM_0:1:197250042

Banned by: Heaven

Ban date, time & length: 03/08/2020 Banned for 7 days (i think wont tell me just says failed to cannect)

Admins ban reason (Message received when denied from joining the server): Just said connection failed but it was for lying to staff

Explain why you were banned and why it was false (Go into detail! it helps us know what to look for in logs!): I made a sit because julius was in a wall and he was my hit so i asked if could be tped out so i could finish the hit (he was just afk sitting in a wall) then heaven said he couldnt then said hes going to have to kill me to remove it then followed my with a light saber (shown in photo one) in hand i felt intimidated which this shouldnt happen in an admin sit they should deal with the sitiaction in a different manner. He coninues to follow me so i kill him after saying im going to loose my temp weapon i say this muitiple times as shown in the photos, then i kill him. Then i get warned for rdm in a sit which i dont believe it was a sit with his chasing me with a lightsaber, Then we forces me to pay 300k for his weapon after he follows me telling me hes going to kill me to remove my hit. when i refuse and say i dont have that much  (which i did but found it unreasoniable that ide have to pay for something that he delibratly made me kill him to lose)  then we argue for a couple of minutes show in the photos which admins should calm the situation and make sure its dealt with, He was so angry and bias that he threatened to  bring the owner just bevasue i called out his bullshit and he was mad about it which is so immature for an admin to do I feel this ban was false because he doesnt act like an admin should in a sit if it ever was a sit and acts extremely immature when i say i shouldnt have to pay for an item he basically made me kill him to loose

Evidence (If none, your case might turn up denied):  (the text with the shorter name is me and the longer name is heaven sorry its blury)

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